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In a unique place for centuries under the shadow of the sacred rock, discover the ancient hospitality, the hotel only Orpheus, at the southern entrance of Kalambaka. Kalambaka is an ancient city, first known under the name "Eginio" and later in Byzantine times as Stagi. The word is Turkish-Kalambaka means 'strong fort.
Today the city has experienced rapid development, largely thanks to tourism and our millions of tourists from around the world in Meteora, a unique geological and religious phenomenon in which there are the following main monasteries:

On the "Platylitho" Athanasios the Meteorite built the first small church, which grew in 1388 by the Greek-Serbian King of Thessaly John Uroš Palaiologos. It is even today the church of the Transfiguration Monastery or Meteora. Athanasios Meteorites taking as a standard of Athanasios of Athos, has compiled the "monastic regulation", which became the "charter" on all the monasteries of Meteora established later.
In 1545 the Transfiguration took final shape, it has today.

Barlaam Monastery
Just beneath the Monastery of the Transfiguration stands proudly in the meteoric space, perionymi Barlaam Monastery. First settler of the most modern Athanasios Meteorites, hermit Barlaam. Founded in 1517 on older buildings, which started since the monk Barlaam, from Ioannina brothers Theophanes and Nectarios Apsaras. The church in the name of All Saints is surrounded by many buildings around, which were added subsequently.
In the vestibule there are graves and pictures of the founders. It is built in Athos, like the Monastery of the Transfiguration.

SINGLE Rousanou
Built by the brothers from Epirus monk Joasaph and Maximus, in 1545 in a particularly impressive vertical rock.
The monastery is complex, three-storey building and single accommodation is not possible to see the church, which is the type of cross with a dome.

Monastery of Saint Nicolas REST
Stuck on the rocks of Meteora, founded in 1500 by Bishop Larissa Dionysus. It consists of three-storey building, while inside there is the chapel of St. Anthony, the catholic and the cells, the Bank and the Baptist chapel. The church is cruciform church with a spacious vestibule and adorned with beautiful paintings of famous Theophanis.

Establishing the most likely date seems to tell it in 1476 and founder of the monk Doumetios. This is also impressive monastery with many cells. The chapel of St. John the Baptist has beautiful paintings.

Monastery of Saint Stephen
Located on the top of the Meteora rocks and from here the view over the valley Trikalinos, Penaeus and surrounding mountains are panoramic. Established by the Serbo-Byzantine ruler Antonio Kantakouzenos on the late 14th century. The church was decorated with beautiful pictures in 1501. The other temple is located in the courtyard of St. Haralambos was built in 1798.